Use Real-Time

Evaluation Tools

To reduce time-to-hire.  Engage, evaluate and gain insight on candidates in a fraction of the time. 

Pre-screen candidates

Let Direct Hire’s prescreening filtering tool help you quickly identify applicants who meet your requirements & send personalised communications to applicants who do not.

Score & rate applicants

Using artificial intelligence, Direct Hire's algorithms will weight, grade & sort applicants during the evaluation process, allowing you to quickly take your top talent to the next step in collaboration with hiring managers.

Background checks

Perform background and credential verification checks and assess risk on selected candidates prior to offering employment, all done via your Direct Hire system.

Screen at Scale

Move the right candidates forward in your talent acquisition faster through scalable candidate actions. These actions can be run in either single or bulk actions.


Schedule and book interviews through our outlook integration and use 2-way video app plugins like Zoom or Teams for your virtual interviews.

Real time actions & responses

Through sophisticated and intuitive interfaces and real-time workflow functionality and actions you can customise your notifications & templates.

Mobile Optimised & Enabled

All evaluations can be requested & completed on any device from anywhere in the world and is available 24 / 7 / 365.

Online Technical Assessments

Create and send out technical assessments for candidates to complete, on a per job basis using the Direct Hire assessment tool.

Candidate Experience

Enhance the candidate experience and promote a positive employer brand with personalised communications and automated notifications throughout the evaluation process.

One way

Video Recruiting

Gain insight on applicants, automate candidate interviewing, save time and effortlessly identify people that are an ideal fit for your business. No more clashing interview time slots, no-shows, wasted time or unsuitable candidates – improve productivity but quickly identify top talent earlier in the hiring process with a one-way video interviewing screening tool from Direct Hire.

Time saving

Hiring Team Collaborations

Improve hiring decisions, review and share feedback instantly, fostering better collaboration with hiring managers.

Ready to use

Built-in Integrations

Besides for our integrated sourcing tools we can connect with alternate tools through API’s.